Minecraft Skin: Lab Research

Minecraft Skin: Lab Research: Designer Story

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We created Minecraft Skin: Lab Research when Covid-19 pandemic first began. At that time, we were faced with totally new things like masks and protective suits. The media posted an image of the Corona Virus, followed by news about how some cities worldwide state a lockdown.

The idea of skins design on this pack was based on health protocol and medical personnel costume during the Covid-19 pandemic. But, of course, since it’s Minecraft, it has to be more colorful and cooler.

The civilian character’s skin is wearing a baby blue medical face mask with a hoodie covering their head to protect their hair. This skin pack was created before official recommendations that every medical personnel who attend COVID 19 suspects have to wear a full protective suit, so the doctor and nurse character’s skin was wearing their regular white coat.  

Because the character’s face was covered, it might be hard to differentiate between Minecraft skin boy from a girl. But if you look closely, the girl characters have longer lashes than the boy.

The fanciest one must be the virus character skin. It’s bold, colorful, cute, and scary at the same time. There are many protective suit skin variations, each with bold color and done icon or number signifying danger on the design.

Minecraft Skin: Lab Research was one of our favorite Minecraft skin designs because it looks playful and bold. Minecraft players can create many different storylines using this skin pack, not just a story about an outbreak or a pandemic. They can even use it to convey the message for people to wear a mask in a public area if they want to.

Download Minecraft Skin: Lab Research here https://bit.ly/Minecraft_Outbreak