BukaLapak: Character Design for Sticker

Bukalapak was one of the biggest online marketplace in Indonesia. Just like any other marketplace, it has a chatting feature between sellers and customers. To spice up the communication, Bukalapak would like to add a sticker to the app. For the sticker, they need characters that convey Bukalapak image as young and friendly.

The initial idea was to play around the box image. This character design was inspired by a store attendant.

Bukalapak would like to heave more cartoonish and less humanoid characters. This box character inspired by boxes used by sellers to ship their products to customers.

Bukalapak also thinks that animal shape mascot would befit them. Ant was chosen due to their nature to work together to build their nest, just like how Bulakapak support sellers to build an economy in Indonesia.