Why You Should Hire Freelance Designers

Instead of hiring freelance designers, businesses more likely to have a lot of full-time employees. First, it is such a waste to dismissed suitable applicants. Later you can assign whatever jobs to them whenever you need them because full-time designers will always ready to get a new assignment.

But, full-time designers also come with an obligation that sometimes burdens the company more than the reap benefits. Depends on your business situations and project types, hiring freelance designers might be a good option.

Here are some advantages that you can get by hiring a freelancer.

Save the expensive space.

What are the most significant expenses for running an office? In most cases, it’s space rent. More full-time employees mean more space that you should pay. Oh, don’t forget that you also need to provide work station for them.

But, if you hire freelancer designers, their rate also including their working station and working space. Who cares if they work in a bedroom using an old PC or rent a desk on a fancy co-working space with the latest MacBookPro on hand, that was their expenses. All you only need to pay is the price you already agreed on.

Freelance designers will save you money.

We’re not saying that freelance designers are cheap. In most cases, especially if you are looking for one with specific expertise or experience, they come in full figure worth of 2–3 months salary for a project that completed in a month.

However, a full-time employee comes with benefits, tax, insurance, and some other expenses that you must provide regularly. Not to mention severance payment when you decided to lay them off.

Freelancers are responsible for their tax and insurance. You also not required to give them a bonus when their work was beyond expectation (but please, give it to them if their work was truly remarkable) or severance when you decided to stop working with them.

You’ll have more flexibility

Unless your business only offered one type of product, you will likely require many kinds of design from time to time. Unfortunately, most designers were not a jack of all trades. It is a significant risk to assign your designers to work on a type of design area that they were unfamiliar with, or have no experience doing it.

Just like your full-time designers, most freelance designers come with specialization. Each of them offers their expertise, rates, work systems, and work hours (especially if they live in a foreign country). Freelancer platform allowed you to shop for freelancers based on their expertise and fee. Pick one that suits your requirements, now all you need to do is sit back and let them do what they have to do.

Just like hiring full-time designers, freelance designers come with their own pros and cons. Which one do you think more suitable for your company?