5 Places You Must Visit To Get Rid of Art Block

How you can get rid of the art block fast is a question every designer dying to know. Art block can strike anytime. In this era, most designers prefer to sit back and do a quick search on the internet for a never-ending supply of sites and networks that contains the incredible artworks for some design inspiration.

But maybe, what you need is stop for a while then set your foot outside for a little new inspiration. Some best design inspirations sources were out there in the real world waiting to be discovered. Are you ready to explore these new sources?

1. Galleries & Art Museums


The idea of going to galleries or art museums sounds boring for most people. View it from different angles; There is no better way to get inspiration than surrounding yourself with a mass of inspirational artworks and fascinating relics.

Consider going to galleries and art museums as a practice to slowing down your pace while strolling around and enjoy every piece of paintings, sculptures, and art installations that attract your heart and eyes to it.

2. Outdoors


It is not a secret that most designers hate to go out.
As Neperud Merz says, “There is no greater designer than Mother Nature.” This world full of nature made an endless source of inspiration for everyone, including designers.

There’s plenty of things we can learn and see from nature, whether it be in the form of shapes, patterns, textures, lights & shadows, colors, etc. Allow yourself to enjoy their beauty, and maybe you’ll get free from art block in no time.

3. Movies and Art performances


How many times did you spare some time to watch a movie genre that wasn’t your favorite or watching performances of an unknown band?

We tend to surround ourselves with entertainment sources that we sure that we will enjoy. But, it might be hinder you from experiencing new things. Consider spending some time to watch street musicians, magician shows, stand up comedians on stage, etc. Learn to free yourself from creative restrictions and enjoy new kinds of enjoyment that might open your mind for new ideas.

4. Library


Library is always the best place to surround yourself with a wide variety of books. Books remain one of the most rewarding sources of inspiration. It might seem impractical and sometimes pricey too.

But the feeling you get from touching the paper’s textures, the smell of ink, the quality of the printing, or the sound the page makes when you flip it, always sparks a feeling that you can’t describe. It might release you from art block, and perhaps you’ll get inspirations for your next great artwork.

5. Life Experience


The nearest source of inspiration for every designer is their life experiences. Every individual has their own life story immortalize in the digital realm called social media.

Scroll your social media feed to posts you made last year, three years ago, five years ago. You might surprise by how much you’ve changed. If you’re lucky, you will come across your old trick to get rid of the art block that has been long forgotten, and the emotion lingers in those statuses might become a good inspiration.

Which places do you think will help you will get rid of the art block fastest?